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The Aquaculture Research Institute, Kindai University is a world-famous research institution for fishery cultures and seedling production. We offer a wide range of top-level facilities and technical staff, and accept many students for long-term study and research.

Many of the students that graduate from our laboratory will not only boast excellent research skills, but also rich human qualities and a high level of sensitivity towards culturing techniques for fish and shellfish. The grounding that students gain at our facilities enables them to go on to play leading roles in the industry both within Japan and overseas.

Students in their first three years are given the opportunity to enjoy a close involvement with our fishery culturing and seedling production sites and research activities, both through participation in experiments and through part-time work during the holidays. We also accept other researchers, wherever possible, from other public institutions and the private sector.

The Aquaculture Research Institute also actively seeks to promote international exchange. In April-May 2003, we accepted students from the Borneo Marine Research Institute at University Malaysia Sabah as part of a 'Fishery Culturing Course', in which our staff provided tuition in industrial training - an essential component of these students' degrees.

This course was established in 1999 to train future leaders in the field of fishery culturing in Southeast Asia. The course was the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, and the students we accepted in 2003 had joined the course in its inaugural year.

The Aquaculture Research Institute, Kindai University aims to use similar opportunities for international exchange to contribute to the development of young Asian researchers and technicians to a world-class level.

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