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Oshima Experiment Station
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Adress ∶ฺ 1790-4, Oshima, Kushimoto, Higashimuro, Wakayama 649-3633
Tel ∶ฺ (0735)65-0501
Fax ∶ฺ (0735)65-0974
Mail ∶ฺ
Acsess ∶ฺ From JR Tennoji Station, take the limited express to JR Kushimoto Station (approx. 3 hours). From there, take a bus headed for Kashino Todai (Kashino Lighthouse), and get off after approx. 20 minutes at Tashiroguchi, from which the laboratory is approx. 5 minutes' walk away. Walking to the laboratory from JR Kushimoto Station takes approx. 50 minutes.

Acsess map

Frontline of bluefin tuna research
The Oshima Station, Aquaculture Research Institute was set up in the southernmost point of Honshu to research aquaculture of temperate and subtropical fish species. Research has focused on bluefin tuna since opening and has produced outstanding results including the first shipment of completely farm-raised bluefin tuna in 2004.

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