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Adress ∶ฺ 1330, Takada, Shingu, Wakayama 647-1101
Tel ∶ฺ 0735-29-0001
Fax ∶ฺ 0735-29-0147
Mail ∶ฺ
Acsess ∶ฺ From JR Tennoji Station, take the limited express to JR Shingu Station. From there, take a bus headed for Takada, and get off after approx. 30 minutes at Takada, from which the laboratory is approx. 5 minutesŐ walk away.

Acsess map

The only research facility for freshwater aquaculture
After first opening in Shimo-Ichiji, Mihama, Mie Prefecture, to research freshwater aquaculture, the laboratory was relocated to the banks of the Takada River at the strong request of the Takada community in Shingu. Branching from the Kumano River, the pristine waters of the Takada River are advantageous for aquaculture research of coId-freshwater species.

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