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Product improvement

A mission to develop the marine and freshwater product industry and provide better quality product to markets
The techniques of completely farm-raising fish have been applied to crossbreeding species in order to produce better quality products. At present, it is helping bring down the price of prized fish.

Using results for both academics and society
The results of practical learning produced by Kindai University have benefitted both the university and society. Further development will be achieved through cooperation between industry and academia. The Fisheries Laboratory has successfully brought down the market price of red sea bream and yellowtail by providing nurseries with farm-hatched fry. Supply rates have also climbed significantly. Furthermore, as part of species improvement studies, yellowtails have been cross-bred with a goldstriped amberjack of higher market price to produce “burihira” (coined from the names of the two species) in 1970. Though growing slower than yellowtail, burihira is twice the size of goldstriped amberjack by age two, which results in increased catches and stabilized supply. Burihira is now a registered trademark.

Challenging a better-looking farmed fish
Amongst the crossbreeds shipped to market is the machidai, a product of a female red sea bream and male crimson sea bream. Wild red sea bream are bright red in color, but the farm-hatched breed is blackened by UV rays, which takes away from its appearance. On the other hand, the crimson sea bream grows slowly, yet it does not lose its crimson color when farm-raised. Therefore, the two are cross bred in order to create a new species that is bright red like wild red sea bream and grows faster than wild crimson sea bream. Unfortunately, the scales are easily damaged, which led to a new improved species known as machimodoshi, created by cross breading red sea bream with machidai.

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